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  1. Gursharan Kaur

    Sat Sri Akal ji,
    While reading the SGGS, I came across shabads in raag maajh written by our first, second, third, and fourth,fifth gurujis. All have the same style. Please tell me how they have the same style.
    Thank you ji.

  2. Gursharan Kaur

    Sat Sri Akal ji
    As suggested by you, I have searched the page numbers. The shabads starts on page 109 to 132 – raag maajh astpadiyaan_ mehl first, second, third, fourth and fifth.
    The last shabad is parabh abhinaasee taa ki-ya kaarhaa.
    Thank you ji. Sat Sri Akal.

    1. AWAT Admin Post author

      Dear Gursharan ji,
      We feel there are no other reasons except that these hymns are in the same Rag (Maajh) and in the same poetic category (Astpadi).
      The succeeding Gurus had the compositions of their predecessors with them when they revealed their own hymns. That might have led to keeping the same style, we guess.

      Thank you.
      Team AWAT

  3. Gursharan Kaur

    Sat Sri Akal ji,
    Good Wishes for the new year.
    While reading the SGGS, I came across a shabad- ga-ohree mehl 5—— jo is maare so-ee soora. There’s a line— aisa ko-ay je dubidha maar gavave—— last line— kaho Nanak so brahmn bichaaree. This is on page no. 237. Please explain what is the meaning of dubidha.
    Thank you ji.

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