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  1. Avtar Singh Dhaliwal

    How true is the Gubani? In the Referenced Sabd, Guru sahib reflected on the “mind full of desires” that is not easily satiated with worldly indulgences. Human can train animals to be obedient and ?loyal, but it cannot control its own mind from desiring worldly indulgences, can it?
    Very difficult to control mind from greed, ego, lust, and other compulsive behaviour elements. The Gurbani is very logical and scientific in explaining human behaviour and the remedies to correct it.
    PLease, understand carefully that neither repeating any one word or Sabd/mantar several times a day and night is not the way to get the essence of the Gurbani nor looking for the blessings of the Babas.
    One has to understand critically the contents of the Gurbani, comprehend it, internalize it, and make it part of living principles to have some control over desires. And live a truthful life.

  2. Sargeet Singh Dhandal

    Gurbani says that whatever our age is, the desire, hunger and love for worldly things will always be there. So to keep our minds away from these things, one must understand what bani says and remembering it not by repeating it but by doing it and following it and practicing it . Sharing bani is another way to remember it. Sargeet Dhandal.

  3. Raja Singh Missionary, Brampton-ON

    Only way to control unwanted desires is putting teachings of Gurbani in practical life. Feeling improvement in one’s behavior is the test to be on right path of life.

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