Answer and Message of the RIDDLE 5

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    1 Respected AWAT Team . I have stated my humble understanding of the 5 riddles of Bhagat Teiilochan Jee. if the truth of the mythology cannot be confirmed, is it appropriate to quote it to prove some hypotheses. No disrespect to the scripture is intended.
    2. Karam theory lays down various ways of torture to the sinner. As ,after death, the body is disposed off, burnt,/ buried according to the customs, What /who is tortured/punished?. Please clarify, Let it be discussed

    1. AWAT Admin Post author

      One has to meticulously go through Gurbani a number of times and also be conversant with the persona of the Gurus to understand the gist. Gurus are not propagating any theories or concepts. They are one with God, have practical experiences and knowledge of the spiritual world, which is as much a reality as the physical world. At innumerable places in SGGS they mention the relevance of Karma and it’s good and bad outcomes. Some references: KARMEE AAPO AAPNI…… NANGA DOZAKH CHALLIYA. …….. NANAK, JION MATHAN MADHANIYAN TION MATHAN DHARAM RAI ……….DHARAM RAI JAB LEKHA MANGAI ……… In your next reading of SGGS please keep this issue in focus and find out the reality for yourself. Now, the question if punishment: Compare it to the torture one may get in the dream. Something similar when the body is not there. The awareness remains. Some of the punishment may be reserved for the next birth. JO MAIN KEEYA SO MAIN PAYA. The question of examples from mythology: These are just for allusion and impact only. No further motive should be assigned. Lastly: One must be humble enough to admit that GURUS KNEW BETTER !!! Their minds had no narrow considerations.

  2. Harcharan Singh

    Dr Gurcharan ji,

    The gurus used stories of their times to illustrate their points as stories, myths, legends can teach us morals. When the Gurus wrote they were not interested if the stories were true or false. Stories were merely literature to be read, to entertain people and most important to educate us.

    As AWAT has stated in the footnote, neither the Gurus, neither Sikhs nor AWAT writers make any comments about the stories or myths. They are just learning points or signposts on our journey to the Truth. Human beings learn and remember better through stories and pictures and symbolism.

    Thus the media is not as important as the message it conveys.
    With humility.

  3. Avtar Singh Dhaliwal

    Mythology: collections of various folklore’s created mostly by the ancient learned or semi learned religious preachers to keep control and means of sustenance for themselves by manipulating uneducated humanity.
    Hanuman: a human born with cleft lip but uneducated and secluded by society for his facial defect became admirer of the Rama.
    The name of Rama contemplated by Bhagalpur Trillochan is not the same as the one married to Sita. Bhagalpur Trilochan’s Rama is the same as mentioned in AGGS by the Sikh Guru Sahiban.
    True that one reaps what one sows.
    One gets birth via natural phenomena and becomes a human being and one breathed the last is dead human being. Nothing more nothing less. Gets rewarded or punished for what he/she does during life.
    Yes, The Gurbani when realized in its true essence being based on the truth is clearly against any of the cocophony mythology of the past. Be a sachiaaraa and live the good life.


    Such stories are quoted in Gurbani just to teach that one has to suffer for the deeds he does. Nobody should think that by performing some rituals bad deeds could be forgiven.

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