About Us

About Us

‘A Word A Thought’ (AWAT) is a free, daily email service for its subscribers. It is based on the wisdom sourced from the Guru Granth Sahib. This initiative has been started by Shabad Foundation, a religious and educational organization, registered as non-profit and non-government, in India.

Our VISION is to bring together a thriving community who READ the Scripture, REFLECT on its immense wisdom and SHARE this knowledge with others. We aim to do this through a word a day. It is designed so that it does not overwhelm but is just enough to set us thinking. It provides a little space for spiritual knowledge in this fast paced, technologically driven life of today. The idea is to introduce the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib in a very simple way.

Each email features a word. This is followed by a thought (a verse) from the Guru Granth Sahib to help put this word in context. The meaning and further explanation follows. There is also help with the Gurmukhi pronunciation, and an English translation is provided for easy understanding.

The subscribers of this service are encouraged to help create an interactive worldwide platform for discussion.We hope the users will revert with their comments and suggestions for improvement.

We invite you to join us in this spiritual journey of life!


Ajit Singh: Ajit, a retired officer from the Singapore Armed Forces, is now a part time English teacher. A keen interest in Sikhi and Gurbani led him to attend Sikhi courses conducted at the Sikh Centre, Singapore. He realized how much more there is to Sikhism than meets the eye. The astounding universality of Guru Granth Sahib further led him to participate in AWAT.

Balwinder Kaur: Balwinder is an ex-secondary school teacher with several years of experience teaching English Language and History. A keen interest in spirituality led her to attend Dr Jaswant Singh's lectures in Singapore. Inspired by this knowledge and wisdom from Gurbani and an interest in knowing more, she has been editing the AWAT material.

Baldave Singh: Baldave has held senior level roles as an editor for some of the leading international media houses including Reed Business Information, The McGraw-Hill Cos and Bloomberg News. He is keen to contribute to the community, and sees AWAT as an ideal platform that allows him to utilise his skill set and help spread the messages of Gurbani.

Dr Jaswant Singh: Dr Jaswant is a scholar of Sikh studies. He has worked at the Sikh Centre, Singapore, conducting various courses on Gurbani, Sikh religion and history. He has also facilitated overseas seminars and camps. He has written a few books, co-authored, ‘Guru Granth Sahib - Its Language and Grammar’, and has published many articles. He has an experience of over 20 years, teaching Gurbani and Sikh studies. He has received a Doctorate in Linguistics and Grammar of Guru Nanak Bani. He is also on the Editorial Board of KhojGurbani, an online crowdsourcing platform for Gurbani.

Dr Sarjeet Singh (Sidhu): Dr Sarjeet, a retired Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, has a special interest in religion, especially Sikhism. Dr Sarjeet has studied Christianity and Islam in some depth, and is reasonably well versed with several other religions. Dr Sarjeet’s writings have been published in The Sikh Review, Spokesman, The Sikh Bulletin, and Understanding Sikhism - A Research Journal. He served on the Editorial Board of Understanding Sikhism - A Research Journal, Published from Canada and The Sikh Bulletin, published from USA.

Harcharan Singh: Harcharan has been an English and English Literature teacher for the past 20 years and is a trainer, tutor and specialist in this field. He also teaches dyslexic students. He is deeply passionate about Sikhi and the Sikhs. He feels that Gurbani’s message is supposed to uplift the poor, the disadvantaged and the weak. This, he feels, can be achieved through creative ways, through education, entrepreneurship, and most importantly an open mindset to dialogue and change.

Raspal Kaur: Raspal has been the Head of English Language and Literature for more than 25 years. She has also taught communication skills at a polytechnic and written books related to the English language. She actively promotes the learning of Punjabi language to the young. Her strong love for Gurbani motivates her to delve deeper into the understanding of the message and wisdom present in Gurbani.

Ravinder Kaur: Ravinder is an English teacher with almost 20 years of experience. She has an overwhelming curiosity and desire to unravel the gems of Gurbani wisdom. Her knowledge of Punjabi and English, coupled with her love for the study of Gurbani and her experience in English Literature has been an asset for the AWAT.

Ravinder Singh: Ravinder spent his formative years in Singapore and Delhi and has worked as an executive with multinational firms in London and New York. His consuming passion is Sikhs and Sikhi – in all its flavours and dimensions. He is the founder and convener of the Talking Stick, a weekly online colloquium devoted to a dialogue around Gurbani. He has served as acting Executive Director of the Sikh Research Institute. He is also on the Editorial Board of KhojGurbani, an online crowdsourcing platform that aims to provide Sikhs with educational resources. He moderates a weekly online discussion on Gurbani and Gurmat.

Sohan Singh: Sohan is an author of five books, the latest ones being Spiritual Sayings from the Sikh Faith and the Real Purpose of Life. He has worked as a teacher and lecturer in Kenya and as a Treatment Manager for the probation service in the UK. When young, his interest was sports, but now it is reading and writing about Spirituality and Gurbani.

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